After becoming the first appraisal firm to partner with Skillbridge, Clario is excited to have 6 service members in midst of their real estate appraiser training. The Skillbridge program allows service members to gain valuable civilian work experience by training during the last 180 days of service. Upon completion of the partnerships, these active duty service members are able to transition into a civilian career seamlessly. Clario is dedicated to providing those in the program with the knowledge and support needed to become an expert in the valuation field. This training will take active duty service members from start to finish, resulting in each member acquiring their real estate appraising license. Once complete, Clario is excited to welcome these newly trained appraisers onto their team.

A crucial part of Clario’s training program is the utilization of its own highly experienced staff appraisers as supervisory appraisers. These supervisory appraisers have a desire to teach and support the next generation of appraisers, giving them all the tools necessary to succeed. Having access to supervisory appraisers during training partnered with Clario’s stellar team support ensures that each individual has the tools, knowledge, and support needed to be a well-rounded and quality real estate appraiser.

Meet some of the service members that are currently going through the program!

Jeremy Britten is a veteran of the US Army and US Air Force, serving a total of 26 years. Jeremy has been married for 22 years with 3 children who are now in College and High School. He plans to relocate from California back to Michigan to start his career as an appraiser and be closer to family and relatives.

Ryan Pearson has served 26 years in the US Air Force and has also been married for over 20 years with 3 children. Ryan states that “Clario has provided me the ability to apply the skills I mastered in the Air Force and apply them to a new career in the Appraisal Industry. I am excited for the career change and eager to see where it takes me!”

Brandon Thompson has served 22 years in the US Air Force and is married with 2 teenage children. Brandon has served in various roles (and locations) throughout his 22 year career while supporting the development and evolution of programs, training, and assessment departments. Some of his roles have included fleet management, vehicle operations, logistics, and transportation management.

Felipe Garcia has been in the US Navy for 25 years. Felipe has been married for 18 years with 2 children and 2 dogs. He also plans to relocate to Wyoming where he will start his career as a licensed appraiser.

Marquis Sumlin has served for 7 years in the US Navy and is now in the midst of his appraiser training.

Looking forward, Clario expects to have 8-12 new appraisers come through the Skillbridge program throughout 2022. By training and introducing highly skilled professionals to the appraiser workforce, the goal is to strengthen and give back to the real estate appraisal industry. In addition, Clario is thrilled to be part of the Skillbridge program, helping active duty service members transition into a civilian career by not only training but employing these service members as well.