Automated floor plans and digital GLA (part 2)

Welcome to the second blog post in our three-part series, “Automated floor plans and digital GLA — the key to unlocking appraisal modernization.” Our first post examined the recognized limitations of the traditional hand-drawn floor plans and gross living area (GLA): Inconsistent application of GLA principles Limited visual fidelity of traditional floor plans Learning to […]

Automated floor plans and digital GLA — the key to unlocking appraisal modernization

We’re at an exciting inflection point in our industry, as new technologies and approaches to home appraisals are being tested and advanced with encouraging success, and as we have important conversations around appraisal accuracy and the potential of valuation bias. The recent release of the FHFA RFI requesting public comment on appraisal modernization (responses due […]

Four standout challenges servicers faced in 2020

The suddenness of the COVID-19 pandemic and an extremely low-interest-rate environment created many challenges for servicers. Of those challenges, four stand out among the rest: 1) an influx of borrower inquiries and requests, 2) keeping track of continually evolving regulations and processes, 3) liquidity constraints, and 4) market volatility. This year, unlike in the 2008 […]